Hello! I’m Stephanie.                         

I’m a sociologist and advocate of community- and mission- based economies.

I’m currently Director of Customer Success at Aunt Bertha, a certified BCorp with a nationwide platform that allows anyone in need to search easily for the free and reduced cost social programs in their area. My team works with organizations who employ social workers, nurses, doctors, foundation and governmental program administrators, case managers, and other frontline staff to use Aunt Bertha to quickly find free and reduced cost social programs for those they are caring for. 

Previously, I was a Director at Etsy, where, inspired by the company’s powerful mission, I grew and managed a team supporting the growth of Etsy’s amazing community of independent creative businesses. As part of this, I helped develop new connections between designers and manufacturers, including collaborating in the creation of the marketplace Etsy Manufacturing.

I completed my doctorate from the Princeton Department of Sociology, where I did ethnographic fieldwork with the community-based food movement, and, earlier, statistical research on the diffusion of CSR behaviors among companies.

Besides that, I’ve worked in economic development for the largest Latino-majority city in the US (shout out to wonderful and historic San Antonio TX!), taught political economy to sustainability MBAs, ran my own business in NYC consulting to social impact and sustainability practitioners, raised chickens in an urban garden in Brooklyn, was a fellow in corporate governance in Norway, and a macroeconomic analyst of global oil and gas markets for a large mutual fund company in Boston. I also studied at Vanderbilt University, majoring in Economics, English, and East Asian Studies. 

My passion for community and social impact has personal roots, as a working-class kid done good. I strive to make meaningful work and foster cultures of inclusion and respect.

If you’re working on something that excites you and are driven by a mission to help others, the world, I’d love to hear about *you* – send me an email or connect with me remotely here.

And if you’re in Austin, say hello! I live in Austin, TX, with my partner Jimi and our dog Jalebi. After years in Brooklyn and a year backpacking through the Global South we were inspired to move to the wide open spaces of Texas- and are happy as can be.